The Best Strawberry Daiquiri

strawberry daiquiri rum cocktail

A fan favourite, the strawberry daiquiri! This vibrant and fruity cocktail embodies the essence of summer with the perfect combination of sweetness and freshness. 

The Strawberry Daiquiri is a perfect choice for warm summer days, holidays, or any time you crave a fruity and refreshing drink. Sip and enjoy the vibrant and tangy flavours as they transport you to paradise.
All you need is our Raspberry and Strawberry Pink Rum, fresh strawberries, lime juice and sugar syrup. Enjoy!



Pour ice into a cocktail shaker, squeeze in half a lime, add the PTP rum, press your strawberries through a sieve and then pour your strawberry juice into the shaker. Give it a good shake and then serve it into your cocktail class (through a mini-sieve if you want to get this extra smooth). Enjoy!

Pull The Pin on your Strawberry Daiquiri