Who knows where life will take you?

It’s a mystery to most of us. But sometimes when you look back you see a strikingly clear path to exactly where you are right now... the chances you took, the unexpected opportunities that came your way, the turning-point moments where you stepped into the excitement of the unknown and found yourself exactly where you’re supposed to be.

This is Tom’s path to Pull The Pin


A rum that’s been ten years, perhaps even a whole lifetime, in the making.

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Tom's tales of spirit and spice


Meet The Team


"Squeeze every drop of flavour you can from life"
"Squeeze every drop of flavour you can from life"

'Gentleman distiller', Intrepid adventurer, Quiet perfectionist

Tom grew up as a curious kid in a family of chefs – a world away from the life he was to lead as an Army Commando in reconnaissance.

As a lad, he was always experimenting and learned young that high-quality ingredients and creativity are a winning formula.

Joining the military at seventeen, Tom headed off into the world as a young soldier collecting tales of adventure, meeting extraordinary people, as well as gathering knowledge of local spirit production. He was known for boosting morale by finding the fun, and for producing the odd experimental spirit! His skill in bringing people together and celebrating life is fundamental to Pull The Pin.

And the rum? Well, who in military life doesn't have an affinity with rum? Whether it was a Christmas morning tot for the troops from his commanding officer, or a snifter warming him through after ice-breaking drills in Norway, rum has been with Tom all the way.

So, when injury made it time for Tom to leave his military career behind and step into his next adventure, the path was clear...


Pull the Pin Spirits_Kerry

Passionate optimist, Magical multitasker, Dynamic dreamer

If Tom is Pull The Pin’s flagship Spiced Rum then Kerry has to be our Passionfruit & Pineapple Rum… full of sunshine and zest for life.

Kerry lives life with enthusiasm and gives her all to everything she does. She's full of endless questions about the world and fascinated by all she sees. Authentic connections and conversations are where she’s at.

Bright and energetic, Kerry seizes opportunities that come her way and embraces change. She's a true embodiment of the Pull The Pin ethos.

When they met working in the military, Tom realised she'd be the perfect business partner to help bring Pull The Pin into the world.

For me, Pull The Pin is about getting the most out of life; bringing people together, celebrating the wins and appreciating great spirits. – Tom