Pin & Tonic

Pin and Tonic

What is more classic than a gin and tonic? This timeless and refreshing drink brings together the crispness of gin with the bubbly sensation of tonic water – delicious! 

This simple yet sophisticated drink is a go-to choice for gin enthusiasts and those seeking a light and bright beverage for any occasion. 

The secret to the best gin & tonic you’ve ever had? Pull The Pin Gin : Smooth, classy and perfectly executed. Crafted with copper stills, it’s smooth and flavourful with notes of juniper, cassia and Seville orange. It’s light yet flavourful on the palate, culminating in a smooth refreshing citrus finish. Don’t believe us? You need to try it for yourself!



Pour your Pull The Pin Gin  over ice in a gin glass, top up with a high-quality tonic to taste (we suggest a light or Mediterranean tonic) and garnish with a fresh lemon, lime or grapefruit slice. Enjoy!

Pull The Pin on your Pin & Tonic